June Saturday 30(181-184)1900

Took my last music lesson
before the holidays. Miss
took her lesson after
me. Had to go to Eckhardts.
Miss McCaul is in Miss Macfarlane's
place. Had to get "Fantasiestück Op 7." by. C.
, and Valse Chromatique
Op 88, by Godard
to practice
during holidays. Papa & Frank
went to Dunnville
this afternoon. Mamma & I
drove out to the bush
after moss. Lizzie was

JulyDominion Day (Dominion)Sunday 1(182-183) 

Mamma & I went to church
in morning. Lesson Matt
IX 2 verse. Healing of Paralytic
Staid [sic] to Communion. Came
home with Mrs Coy and
Mattie. Made some ice-
cream. Lizzie came after me
to go to Sunday School.
Lesson "Christ walking on the
Sea." Mamma & I went for
a drive out middle road
Found some mulberries
and wild red raspberries.
Mr & Mrs. Pay came over
to eat ice cream at night.

July Monday 2(183-182)1900

Holiday for Dominion day
Stuck out my sixteen
flags. Sounds big, but
twelve are little ones I
watered the road in
front. A large crowd
came over on the boat
Mamma & I went for
a drive. Got some
daiseies near Mr. Carman's
farm. Had some chocolate
drops and taffy I got on

  Tuesday 3(184-181) 

Papa and Frank Overholt came
home. Stayed in Hamilton
last night. Mrs. Overholt,
and the boys start for Bay
City this morning. Very
warm. Makes you tired
Lizzie came down. Roy
Read brought our black
cherries to-night. They
have a festival in St. Johns
church in Port
He was going to it.

July Wednesday 4(185-180)1900

Canned my black cherries
this morning. I feel
horrible to-day. The fourth
of July. Hardley practiced
a bit. Had a bad
thunderstorm in the
afternoon. Papa, Mr. Coy & Mr
Fred Southcott went out
to lake to see about the
boat. Beatrice stopped as
she was coming home
from the farm. Very hot,
but we got some rain which
we needed very much.

  Thursday 5(186-179) 

The lightning struck the
Standard office yesterday
aternoon. We got our
two baskets of red
cherries this morning
Did not get through pitting
them until after two o'clock.
There was quite a number
of accidents in Yankee
land yesterday. A colored
boy shot a revolver among
some fireworks outside of a
store in Philadelphia, and
killed seven children he among them.
The band concert. They played
"Parson Ringtails' cakewalk. We
could not hear it.

July Friday 6(187-178)1900

Very warm. It has been
the worst day this year.
All foreigners are supposed
to have been killed in
Pekin. I am knitting
a wash cloth. Did not
stir much. We are to
have a memorial service
in our church Sunday
for R. Irwin who died in
South Africa July 1. He was
of first contingent.
Mrs. Carman & Ella were
over to see the rambler.

  Saturday 7(188-177) 

Went to market after
peas, and to Eckhardt's
after my music. Got Godard's
"Valse Chormatique"
, but not
the other. Was at Wilson's.
Had a large excursion in
the Park for Toronto. The
Dominion Radiator Co. They
had a baseball match between
Park nine & themselves. Had
the Grenadier Band. Papa &
mamma went frog-shooting.
The Buffalo Tennis Club
played a match with ours
this afternoon.

July Sunday 8(189-176)1900

Papa & I went to church in
the morning. They had a
memorial service for
R. Irwin who died July 1st.
All the soldiers and veterans
were out. Took our seat.
Sermon Ecclesiastes XII. 13&14 verses.
Did not go to Sunday School
or church at night. Walter
Dr. Moulin the Bishop's son
preached in the church at
night. Mr. McSloy & Frank
were here at night.
I have been reading "Prince of House of David"
over again.

  Monday 9(190-175) 

Very chilly and damp to-day.
Practiced 2 hours to-day
as it was cool. They
intended having the
electric cars running to Falls
to-day but the President
Mr. Powers was out
of the city. Had an
excursion in the Park
to-day. Very nice day
for once. Mr & Mrs. Dwyer
were over in the evening.
Papa & mamma were
hunting dew worms
this evening.

July Tuesday 10(191-174)1900

Was over to McLaren's
after beans, then came
home and went to
Greenwood's for Phoebe
and to library. Got
"The Throne of David" by
. This afternoon
I dressed up and went
over to Allies [sic]. But she was
at Sunday School picnic then
I went to see Bessie Read
Had two Sunday School
excursions from Toronto in the park
to-day. Papa & mamma drove to the cemetary.

  Wednesday 11(192-173) 

Was over to Carman's
in the forenoon to
ask Ella to go to Decew
Falls with us this
afternoon. But when
afternoon came it looked
so rainy that we couldn't
go. But we went for a
drive around the streets.
Had a thunderstorm and
a very high wind. Knox
had their picnic
at McCalla's Grove and St.
& Niagara Sts. had theirs
to Grimsby.

July Thursday 12(193-172)1900

Thought of going to Decew
again but it looked like
rain. Mamma & I got
ready and went uptown
Went to Eckhart's but my
book has not come yet.
Saw Lillie Carroll. They got
soaked at the picnic yesterday.
Had a large excursion to day:
Lizzie was down about 6 o'clock
Jennie Jeeves was married in
Tonawanda at 8 p.m. to Mr Charles
World. Mollie Phelps and Allie
Coy had a wheeling party. Papa
went to boat to meet Frank Overholt.

  Friday 13(194-171) 

Band night (children) last night
in the Park . Was uptown
in the morning to Inksatis [sic]
& McLarens garden. Saw Ella
to tell her to get ready
for Decew Falls to-day.
Mamma, Ella & I went.
Did not get many fish
Brought five home alive
in the minnow pail.
Miss Francis & four other
girls were out with Mr
Webb to Decew. Papa went
down to the boat at night
to meet Frank.

July Saturday 14(195-170)1900

Mr Overholt and Mr Birdsall
of Hamilton came down, and
papa hired a rig and
Mr Overholt, Mr Birdsall Frank
& papa went out
plover shooting. Mamma
& I went uptown in the
afternoon. Met Mrs Pay,
I got my "Fantasiestücke"
at last. Met Mrs Pay at
Lu's and we went home
with her. Moore did not
sent some ham & berries
down & I had to go up on my wheel [?]

  Sunday 15(196-169) 

Very warm. 90° in the
shade. Got dressed for
church, and it was late
when we got through
breakfast so I did not
go. The three men drove
out to Overholt's in the
afternoon. Did not got to
Sunday School or Church
at night. Were bad to-day
Rained very hard about
3 o'clock. Had pineapple
ice cream to-day. Mr
does not like bugs
and I found a snapping bug
and I put its head towards
him & it crawled up his sleeve he heard

July Monday 16(197-168)1900

it "shnappin" as he said
Mr Overholt & Mr Birdsall
left this morning. Then
papa left for Stoney Lake
on the Lakeside for a
fishing trip. Frank is
going with him. I went
up to the post, but did
not get anything. Roy
brought the paper & letters
down. Mamie Utter & Janie Stuart
are coming Friday and I had
to take a letter to her up to
the post. Mr Painter brought me
some fish for my aquarium.

  Tuesday 17(198-167) 

Very warm. The exams
ended yesterday. I have
been reading "Throne of
David" nearly all day.
Practiced. Mamma
went over to Lee's as
it looked like rain.
Did rain some. Mabel
brought the towels
and papers after tea
Agnes St. Methodist Church
of Toronto were in the

July Wednesday 18(199-166)1900

A day of picnics. Ours went
to Grimsby, Welland Ave.
to McCalla's, St.
to Queenston, & St
James Merritton
to Port
Colborne. I went uptown
stopped for Mr Pay's keys.
Was to Dudley's. Leta had
gone to picnic. Going with

Allie Vanderburgh to Queen St,
The keys did not fit. Annie Lloyd
went to McLaren's with me.
A large Sons of England picnic in the

  Thursday 19(200-165) 

Rode up to Smith's for meat,
He has quit giving trading
stamps. I hope I do not
lose my book. Mamma
went collecting in afternoon.
She was at Woods to see if
they wanted to try[?] trading stamps
but they had all they wanted as
they quit giving out 1{st} August.
I went over to Leta's in the
afternoon. And when I came
away she went with me to
Allie's as I wanted to get
the address of "The Etude". Mamma
and I went for a drive at night.
"The Musician" came to-night. The
Welland Vale & Kinleith Paper Co. bylaw passed.

July Friday 20(201-164)1900

Leta is going to Toronto to-day. I
had to go uptown in the
morning. Got 1/2 yd. of velvet
ribbon for my hair at Anderson's.
It rained very hard last night.
Finished "Throne of David." I
enjoyed it, and think I will
get "The Pillar of Fire" as I have
read the two other ones. Mamie &
Janie Stuart came this afternoon
Lizzie & Miss Toll were down at night
Lizzie wants me to take her class
Sunday. I have consented, but oh!

  Saturday 21(202-163) 

I had to go uptown in
morning for meat. Got
a hind quarter of lamb
$1.40. Oh my. I mailed some
letters for Mamie. Went
on market to see Mrs
Woodruff about berries.
Mamma, Jean & Mamie drove
out to Decew in the afternoon.
I rode up to library.
Got the "Pillar of Fire"
Saw Bessie Read & Lulu.
Got the papers.

July Sunday 22(203-162)1900

I went to Church in the
morning. Sermon on I Samuel
XII 2 & 3 verses. The girls
would not go. Then
I went to Sunday School
and took that awful
class. The lesson "Christ's
Rebuke & Peter's Confession",
They would not pay any
attention to me. The Salvation
Army people had a great time in
the park. The people went
for a drive down through

  Monday 23(204-161) 

Staid [sic] around home nearly
all day. Roy was down
in the morning to find
papa's address then he
brought the papers
at night. Had two meals,
then the girls and
mamma went for a
drive to the cemetary
and I rode down they
went to Mrs Woodruff's
after, and got the raspberries
and some apples
Papa sent a box of fish.
Will not be home until
Wednesday night.

July Tuesday 24(205-160)1900

I went collecting for Mamma.
Was to Mrs Reynolds,
Coy's and Mrs Smith's. Got the
money at every place
Was at Mrs Smith's quite a
while. Then went up to
Wilson's. They drove out
to Overholt's with three
large bass. Lizzie was
down, and Ella brought us
a lovely bunch of sweet
peas. Got "Ladie's [sic] Home Journal
for August. Has a sweet story
"The Story of a Song." Schubert's love story

  Wednesday 25(206-159) 

I had to take the money
to the church to-day.
There was only Mrs
, Mr Perry & Mrs
Wyatt there. I was asked by
Mr Perry "if I was general
collector for this month".
Waited for the names. Got
some fancy biscuits at Lee's.
Papa & Mr Overholt came
home to-night. Papa
brought me some porcupine
quills, two hawk's feet & a
porcupine's foot. He drove Mr
Overholt home.

July Thursday 26(207-158)1900

Fixed ourselves all up
fancy, and went uptown
in afternoon. We all were
treated at Jean's to icecream [sic]
by mamma. Went in the
stamp store. Got a
watermelon & some bananas.
Papa took a fish over to Coy's
then we went up to
the band concert.
They played a pretty medley
with national airs woven

  Friday 27(208-157) 

Mame & Janie went home
this morning on 10.33 train
They reach Detroit to-morrow
afternoon. Copied the Sunday
School lessons for next 2
Sundays. Mr Groome is
dead.  Mamma & I went
for a drive. Took Lizzie's
Sunday School papers home
then drove out Martindale
way lake road to Wilson's
and I down the pretty little
road. Got some long blackberries
The Success & Collier's Weekly
came to-night.

July Saturday 28(209-156)1900

Rode over to McLaren's after
potatoes & tomatoes. First of
the season. Momma & I did
up seven quarts of huckle-
berries. Papa sent one doz.
tomatoes and two bottles
of Heinz's India Relish. Good.
Mamma & I went to Wood's
in afternoon after a pair
of slippers for me. Got a
pair of Mr McIntosh was here to see
about a trellis for the trumpet-vine.

  Sunday 29(210-155) 

Went to church in the
morning. Sermon about Saul
performing the sacrifice instead
of waiting for Samuel. I have
forgotten the passage, but it was
in Samuel. Then I went
to Sunday School. The lesson
was "The Transfiguration". Had
Mrs Chatfield. Miss Francis
has taken Lizzie's class for August.
Mr Perry wanted to know whether
I would take it, but Lizzie told
him I had enough of it.  Pappa, mamma
& I went to church at night. Sermon
2 Cor. 12.-10. It was raining hard
when we came out. So we
waited & Papa went home for wraps.

July Monday 30(211-154)1900

Annie Trusty was here to tell
us her mother will come
to-morrow instead of Wednesday.
She is very anxious about
those stamps so in the
afternoon I went over to
Durnin's after soap & sugar
then up to the stamps store
to see if they were going
to stop taking books after
Aug first. They are. Leta, Grace
Woods & Nell Lloyd were down
at night. Leta wants me to
go to a wheeling party tomorrow night.

  Tuesday 31(212-153) 

Mrs Trusty washed. Wood Bros.
are giving triple stamps
to-day. If I had only waited
to get my slippers, but I was
not fooled as I needed a
pair of rubbers. Got 18 stamps.
Went to Dudley's to tell her
I couldn't go to the wheeling
party, but I would come about 9
to the house. Nellie Lloyd called
for me. They rode to Homer. Did
not get back until after 9. Had
ice-cream & cake. Mr Reed came home
with me. The King of Italy
(Humbert) has been assassinated
The Queen's son Duke of Saxe-Coburg
Gotha1 is dead.

1. Alfred Ernest Albert (1844 – 1900), the second son of Queen Vitoria and Prince Albert.

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