Diary Page 104



Diary Page 104


- Mr Birdsall arrives from Hamilton


July 14
Mr Overholt and Mr Birdsall
of Hamilton came down, and
papa hired a rig and
Mr Overholt, Mr Birdsall Frank
Overholt & papa went out
plover shooting. Mamma
& I went uptwon in the
afternoon. Met Mrs Pay,
I got my "Fantasiestücke"
at last. Met Mrs Pay at
Lu's and we went home
with her. Moore did not
sent some ham & berries
down & I had to go up on my wheel [?]

July 15
Very warm. 90° in the
shade. Got dressed for
church, and it was late
when we got through
breakfast so I did not
go. The three men drove
out to Overholt's in the
afternoon. Did not got to
Sunday School or Church
at night. Were bad to-day
Rained very hard about
3 o'clock. Had pineapple
ice cream to-day. Mr
Birdsall does not like bugs
and I found a snapping bug
and I put its head towards
him & it crawled up his sleeve he heard

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[LOCAL]July 14-15, 1900

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