Diary pg 111



Diary pg 111


Mr McIntosh
Mrs Chatfield
Miss Francis
Mr Perry
Sunday School


July 28
Rode over to McLaren's after
potatoes & tomatoes. First of
the season. Momma & I did
up seven quarts of huckle-
berries. Papa sent one doz.
tomatoes and two bottles
of Heinz's India Relish. Good.
Mamma & I went to Wood's
in afternoon after a pair
of slippers for me. Got a
pair of Krippendorf's of Cincinnati
Papa & Mamma went fishing.
Mr McIntosh was here to see
about a trellis for the trumpet-vine.

July 29
Went to church in the
morning. Sermon about Saul
performing the sacrifice instead
of waiting for Samuel. I have
forgotten the passage, but it was
in Samuel. Then I went
to Sunday School. The lesson
was "The Transfiguration" Had
Mrs Chatfield. Miss Francis
has taken Lizzie's class for August.
Mr Perry wanted to know whether
I would take it, but Lizzie told
him I had enough of it. Pappa, Mamma
& I went to church at night. Sermon
2 Cor. 12.-10. It was raining hard
when we came out. So we
waited & Papa went home for wraps.

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