Diary Page 108



Diary Page 108


- Salvation Army in park


July 22
I went to Church in the
morning. Sermon on I Samuel
XII 2 & 3 verses. The girls
would not go. Then
I went to Sunday School
and took that awful
class. The lesson "Christ's
Rebuke & Peter's Confession",
They would not pay any
attention to me. The Salvation
Army people had a great time in
the park. The people went
for a drive down through

July 23
Staid [sic] around home nearly
all day. Roy was down
in the morning to find
papa's address there he
brought the papers
at night. Had two meals,
then the girls and
mamma went for a
drive to the cemetary
and I rode down they
went to Mrs Woodruff's
after, and got the raspberries
and some apples
Papa sent a box of fish.
Will not be home until
Wednesday night.

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[LOCAL]July 22-23, 1900

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