Diary page 97



Diary page 97


- Winnie's father and Frank Overholt go to Dunville


June 30
Took my last music lesson
before the holidays. Miss
Scott took her lesson after
me. Had to go to Eckhardts.
Miss McCaul is in Miss Macfarlane's
place. Had to get "Fantasiest{u}ck Op 7." by. C.
Reinecke, and Valse Chromatique
Op 88, by Godard to practice
during holidays. Papa & Frank
Oerholt went to Dunnville
this afternoon. Mamma & I
drove out to the bush
after moss. Lizzie was

July 1
Mamma & I went to church
in morning. Lesson Matt
IX 2 verse. Healing of Paralytic
Staid [sic] to Communion. Came
home with Mrs Coy and
Mattie. Made some ice-
cream. Lizzie came after me
to go to Sunday School.
Lesson "Christ walking on the
Sea." Mamma & I went for
a drive out middle road
Found some mulberries
and wild red raspberries.
Mr & Mrs. Pay came over
to eat ice cream at night.

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[PERSONAL]June 30-July 1, 1900

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