Diary Page 98



Diary Page 98


- Dominion Day holiday_
- Festival in St. John's Church, Port Dalhousie


July 2
Holiday for Dominion day
Stuck out my sixteen
flags. Sounds big, but
twelve are little ones I
watered the road in
front. A large crowds
came over on the boat
Mamma & I went for
a drive. Got some
daiseies near Mr. Carman's
farm. Had some chocolate
drops and taffy I got on

July 3
Papa and Frank Overholt came
home. Stayed in Hamilton
last night. Mrs. Overholt,
and the boys start in Bay
City this morning. Very
warmn. Makes you tired
Lizzie came down. Roy
Read brought our black
cherries to-night. They
have a festival in St. Johns
church in Port to-night.
He was going to it.

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[LOCAL]July 2-3, 1900

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