Diary Page 103



Diary Page 103


- Marriage of Jennie Jeeves to Mr Charles World in Tonawanda_
- Children's band night in park


July 12
Thought of going to Decew
again but it looked like
rain. Mamma & I got
ready and went uptown
Went to Eckhart's but my
book has not come yet.
Saw Lillie Carroll. They got
soaked at the picnic yesterday.
Had a large excursion to day:
Lizzie was down about 6 o'clock
Jennie Jeeves was married in
Tonawanda at 8 p.m. to Mr Charles
World. Mollie Phelps and Allie
Coy had a wheeling party. Papa
went to boat to meet Frank Overholt.

July 13
Band night (children) last night
in the Park. Was uptown
in the morning to Inksatis [sic]
& McLarens garden. Saw Ella
to tell her to get ready
for Decew Falls to-day.
Mamma, Ella & I went.
Did not get many fish
Brought five home alive
in the minnow pail.
Miss Francis & four other
girls were out with Mr
Webb to Decew. Papa went
down to the boat at night
to meet Frank.

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[LOCAL]July 12-13, 1900

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