Diary Page 107



Diary Page 107


- Lela in Toronto


July 20
Leta is going to Toronto to-day. I
had to go uptown in the
morning. Got 1/2 yd. of velvet
ribbon for my hair at Anderson's.
It rained very hard last night.
Finished "Throne of David." I
enjoyed it, and think I will
get "The Pillar of Fire" as I have
read the two other ones. Marrie &
Janie Stuart came this afternoon
Lizzie & Miss Toll [?] were down at night
Lizzie wants me to take her class
Sunday. I have consented, byt oh!

July 21
I had to go uptown in
morning for meat. Got
a hind quarter of lamb
$1.40. Oh my. I mailed some
letters for Mamie. Went
on market to see Mrs
Woodruff about berries.
Mamma, Jean & Mamie drove
out to Decew in the afternoon.
I rode up to library.
Got the "Pillar of Fire"
Saw Bessie Read & Lulu.
Got the papers.

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[LOCAL]July 20-21, 1900

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