Diary pg 112



Diary pg 112


- Assassination of King of Italy_
- Death of Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha_
- Wheeling Party


July 30
Annie Trusty was here to tell
us her mother will come
to-morrow instead of Wednesday.
She is very anxious about
those stamps so in the
afternoon I went over to
Durnin's after soap & sugar
then up to the stamps store
to see if they were going
to stop taking books after
Aug first. They are, Leta, Grace
Woods & Nell Lloyd were down
at night. Leta wants me to
go to a wheeling party tomorrow night.

July 31
Mrs Trusty washed. Wood Bros.
are giving triple stamps
to-day. If I had only waited
to get my slippers, but I was
not fooled as I needed a
pair of rubbers. Got 18 stamps.
Went to Dudley's to tell her
I couldn't go to the wheeling
part, but I would come about 9
to the house. Nellie Lloyd called
for me. They rode to Homer. Did
not get back until after 9. Had
ice-cream & cake. Mr Reed came home
with me. The King of Italy
(Humbert) has been assassinated
The Queen's son Duke of Saxe-Coburg
Gotha {1} is dead.

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[GLOBAL]July 30-31, 1900

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