Diary Page 106



Diary Page 106


- Church Picnic Day: Welland Ave. Church at McCalla's, St. Barnabas at Queenston, St. James to Port Colborne_
- Sons of England picnic in park


July 18
A day of picnics. Ours went
to Grimsby, Welland Ave.
Church to McCalla's, St.
Barnabas to Queenston, & St
James Merritton to Port
Colborne. I went uptown
stopped for Mr Pay's keys.
Was to Dudley's. Leta had
gone to picnic. Going with
Allie Vanderburgh to Queen St,
The keys did not fit. Annie Lloyd
went to McLaren's with me.
A large Sons of England picnic in the

July 19
Rode up to Smith's for meat,
He has quit giving trading
stamps. I hope I do not
lose my book. Mamma
went collecting in afternoon.
She was at Woods to see if
they wanted to try trading stamps
but they had all they wanted as
they quit giving out 1{st} August.
I went over to Leta's in the
afternoon. And when I came
away she went with me to
Allie's as I wanted to get
the address of "The Etude". Mamma
and I went for a drive at night.
"The Musician" came to-night. The
Welland Vale & Kinleith Paper Co. bylaw passed.

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[LOCAL]July 18-19, 1900

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