Diary Page 110



Diary Page 110


- Mame and Jamie depart for Detroit at 10:33


July 26
Fixed ourselves all up
fancy, and went uptown
in afternoon. We all were
treated at Jean's to icecream [sic]
by mamma. Went in the
stamp store. Got a
watermelon & some banana
Papa took a fish over to Coy's
then we went up to
the band concert.
They played a pretty medley
with national airs woven

July 27
Mame [?] & Janie went home
this morning on 10.33 train
They reach Detroit to-morrow
afternoon. Copied the Sunday
School lessons for next 2
Sundays. Mr Groome is
dead. Mamma & I went
for a drive. Took Lizzie's
Sunday School papers home
then drove out Martindale
way lake road to Wilson's
and I down the pretty little
road. Got some long blackberries
The "Success" & Collier's Weekly
came to-night.

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[LOCAL]July 26-27, 1900

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