Diary Page 99



Diary Page 99


- Lightning strikes St. Catharines Standard office_
- several children killed in Philadelphia in fireworks incident


July 4
Canned my black cherries
this morning. I feel
horrible to-day. The fourth
of July. Hardley practiced
a bit. Had a bad
thunderstorm in the
afternoon. Papa, Mr. Coy & Mr
Fred Southcott went out
to lake to see about the
boat. Beatrice stopped as
she was coming hgome
from the farm. Very hot,
but we got some rain which
we needed very much.

July 5
The lightning struck the
Standard office yesterday
aternoon. We got our
two baskets of red
cherries this morning
Did not get through pitting
them until after two o'clock.
There was quite a number
of accidents in Yankee
land yesterday. A colored
boy shot a revolver among
some fireworks outside of a
store in Philadelphia, and
killed seven children he among them.
The band concert. They played
"Parson Ringtails' cakerwalk. We
could not hear it.

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[LOCAL]July 4-5, 1900

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