Diary page 102



Diary page 102


- Knox Church picnic at McCalla's Grove, St. Paul and Niagara Street church picnics in Grimsby


July 10
Was over to Mc.Laren's
after beans, then came
home and went to
Greenwood's for Phoebe
and to library. Got
"The Throne of David" by
Ingraham. This afternoon
I dressed up and went
over to Allies. But she was
at Sunday School picnic then
I went to see Bessie Read
Had two Sunday School
excursions from Toronto in the park
to-day. Papa & mamma drove to the cemetary.

July 11
Was over to Carman's
in the forenoon to
ask Ella to go to Decew
Falls with us this
afternoon. But when
afternoon came it looked
so rainy that we couldn't
go. But we went for a
drive around the streets.
Had a thunderstorm and
a very high wind. Knox
Church had their picnic
at McCalla's Grove and St.
Paul & Niagara Sts. had theirs
to Grimsby.

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[LOCAL]July 10-11, 1900

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