Diary Page 101



Diary Page 101


- Memorial for R. Irwin (died in South Africa on July 1st)_
- Walter Du Moulin, son of Bishop, preaches at church_
- Electric cars running to Falls


July 8
Papa & I went to church in
the morning. They had a
memorial service for
R. Irwin who died July 1st.
All the soldiers and veterans
were out. I took our seat.
Sermon Ecclesiastes XII. 13&14 verses.
Did not go to Sunday School
or church at night. Walter
Dr. Moulin the Bishop's son
preached in the church at
night. Mr. McSloy & Frank
Overholt were here at night.
I have been reading "Prince of House of David"
over again.

July 9
Very chilly and damp to-day.
Practiced 2 hours to-day
as it was cool. They
intended having the
electric cars running to Falls
to-day but the President
Mr. Powers was out
of the city. Had an
excursion in the Park
to-day. Very nice day
for once. Mr & Mrs. Dwyer
were over in the evenening.
Papa & mamma were
hunting dew worms
this evening.

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[LOCAL]July 8-9, 1900

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