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Alexander Hamilton

Family and Home

In 1816, Alexander Hamilton married Hannah Owen Jarvis, daughter of William Jarvis (first provincial secretary and registrar) and sister of Samuel Peters Jarvis (Superintendent of Indian Affairs).  They had eight daughters and three sons.  Around 1833, Hamilton began construction of a mansion at Queenston, known as Willowbank.   The property contains a small Hamilton family burial ground where Alexander is buried.  The house remained in the Hamilton family until 1934.  

Willowbank, 1913.  Courtesy of Toronto Public Library.

Alexander's untimely death  in 1839 brought financial hardship upon his family.  His wife Hannah was left to care for their many children and provide for them as best she could.  Her mother Hannah Jarvis (1763-1845) assisted with running the household after Hamilton's death and is buried in the Hamilton family burial ground near Willowbank.  Alexander's wife Hannah remained in Willowbank for almost fifty years.  She died in 1888.  The mansion still remains, overlooking the village of Queenston and the Niagara River, and serves as an example of Classical Revivalism architecture.  It has been designated a National Historic Site.  

Alexander Hamilton was an important figure in the history of Upper Canada.  Despite the financial hardship he endured during his life, his legacy is undeniable.  His roles in public offices, particularly as Postmaster, had a significant impact on the region and the country.  Willowbank serves as a reminder of Hamilton's achievements and is a part of his legacy.