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Alexander Hamilton


Archival Materials

Canada Post Office Documents 1833, 1835, RG 634, Brock University Archives.

Alexander Hamilton Fonds 1809-1842, RG 640,  Brock University Archives.

Alexander Hamilton/Early Canada Postal Collection 1775-1983, n.d. RG 699,  Brock University Archives.

William Hamilton Merrit Welland Canal Circular, July 12, 1823, RG 506, Brock University Archives.  


The Lives and Times of the Patriots:  an account of the Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837-1838, and of the patriot agitation in the United States, 1837-1842/Edwin C. Guillet.

To the Outskirts of Habitable Creation:  Americans and Canadians transported to Tasmania in the 1840s/Stuart D. Scott.

Other Sources

Alexander Hamilton,  Dictionary of Canadian Biography