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Alexander Hamilton

Community Activities

A boadside advertising a Fair or Mart in St. Catharines.  Alexander Hamilton is listed as the steward, 1836


Alexander Hamilton was active in community affairs.  He was an early chairman of the Erie and Ontario Railroad Company and was a commissioner of the Niagara River Suspension Bridge Company.    He was invited to participate in many local meetings and events, including some related to the Welland Canal.  He also participated in charitable endeavours.  

A letter about providing relief to Greek families, whose commerce and agriculture has been disrupted because of conflict, January 30, 1827.  Hamilton's name is included in the list of subscribers.

Circular from W. H. Merritt to Hamilton, asking for his assistance in promoting the Welland Canal, 1823

An invitation from William Hamilton Merritt to attend a meeting for opening books of subscription for stock in the Welland Canal Company, January 24, 1824.  A blank stock certificate is included.