May Thursday 31(151-214)1900

At breakfast we heard whistles
blowing. Pretoria taken1. Had to
go over to Lee's and Helen came
in and wanted me to go uptown
and see what going on. Came
home then went for Helen. Rode
up to Bazaar and bought 3
flags. 30¢. Helen & I called for Eloise
. Was not home saw her in the
park. Rode down to Blk. [Black] Bridge & back
to Goodman's Had a great time in
the Park in afternoon. Mamma & I
went up, but missed it. Stopped in Mrs Mason's,
Frank & papa shot 56 frogs.

June Friday 1(152-213) 

Last night about 10 o' clock we had
an old drunken tramp after
something to eat. Frank went
home this morning. They had
a report that Kruger was
captured, but not time Mr.
Rollinson is dead. The Bicycle
Works are going to Brantford.
Mr Mason went Wednesday
night. Got a letter from Miss
Duval wanting me to take her
hour to-morrow morning and
she will take mine. We have
had a fine rain since this
morning. Papa brought the
"Wide World" magazine for June to-day
was over in Lee's in morning.

1. One of three capitals of the Republic of South Africa, during the Second Boer War, the city was surrendered to the British on June 5, 1900.

June Saturday 2(153-212)1900

Took my lesson at 9 o'clock and
Miss Duval asked me whether
I would mind if she came at
8 next Saturday. Mrs Collins took after
me. Took 24th Etude & Gb valse of
. Went up to office as
my waltzes are being bound
and I went up to Osborn's. Will be
done on Monday afternoon. Was
uptown. Met Leta and she came
with me in Walker & Abbs, Wilson's
& McLaren's garden. She bought some
candy. Decoration Day. Veteran's
went down to cemetery & decorated graves.

  Sunday 3(154-211) 

Went to church in morning.
Sermon Acts II. 4 verse,
Communion Sunday. Papa
and Mr. Marquis were out
for a walk. Papa found a
little mudturtle and gave it
to him for the baby. Papa went
to Mr. Rollinson's funeral.
Went to Sunday School, Mrs
taught us. To-day is
Whitsunday1. We all went to
church at night. St. John
XII. 21 verse. Mr & Mrs Pay
and Hattie came home
with us.

1.Is Pentecost Sunday. Celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles of Christ. It is celebrated fifty days after Easter.

June Monday 4(155-210)1900

Mr Halliday was here cutting
grass and cabbage rosebuds
too. I think he needs a pair
of magnifying glasses. Mamma
& I drove down to Trusty's
with some things. Mrs
Trusty left here. Saw Anne, Susie
and the children. Then we
drove out to lake and
got some sand. Got dogwood
in Martindales. Papa brought
my Chopin book home. It suits
but they did not put leather
corners on it. Dr. Hunt is here for
Mr. McLaren's case.

  Tuesday 5(156-209) 

Nice and warm to-day.
Practiced 3 hours. Pretoria1 is
taken at last and the
Mayor ordered the city buildings
and post office illuminated.
Mamma went uptown to
order curtains for hall door
and kitchen windows.
Then I rode up to Mrs.
to try my white
dress tried on. She only
had my skirt cut out.
Papa had to go uptown at
night to see Dr. Hunt. Dexter broke
his collar when Emma Jeeves came
in. Tommy asked us if we wanted
a kitten. Then he went to see Ella.

1. One of three capitals of the Republic of South Africa, during the Second Boer War, the city was surrendered to the British on June 5, 1900.

June Wednesday 6(157-208)1900

The curtains for the hall & kitchen
windows came this morning.
The hall ones have lace on.
I finished the "Castle Inn."
A very good story of its kind
but they can hardly say
a word without swearing.
Aunt Lillie and Uncle Horace
came to-night after tea.
Papa & Uncle Horace took Rex
up to Murphy's livery

  Thursday 7(158-207) 

Uncle Horace and Aunt Lillie
went uptown shopping
and did not get back until
dinner. Then Aunt Lillie &
mamma drove down to
Waite's in the afternoon
after tea Mrs Haun came
down. Played some for her
then we all went up
to hear the first band
concert of the season
They played two new hymms
from England.

June Friday 8(159-206)1900

Aunt Lillie and I went uptown
this morning. We went
to the bazaar and she
bought two plays and I
brought 1 doz. little ones for
10{c}. We got home after twelve
and the horse came at 2 o'clock
and they started. Saw Frank
Ovenholt at the office. Mamma & I
drove up to Mrs. Sullivan's. She
was ready. Got a piece of red
satin ribbon & black pulley
belt rings for a red belt for my
red waist. Old Mrs. Wand[?] is dead 93 years old.

  Saturday 9(160-205) 

Took my lesson at 9 o'clock.
Saw Helen when I came
home. Papa and mamma
went frog - hunting down
Lake and Niagara Sts. I
was over to Dwyer's Beatrice
is home. They have four
crows[?]. Mrs. Pay came
while I was there and
we went uptown together.
Tried Shelley's, Foley's and
Hetherington's after tart shells
but could not get them. Mrs
Dr. Leitch is dead. Papa got
35 frogs.

June Sunday 10(161-204)1900

Was at church in the morning.
Sermon Matt XXVII. 19 verse.
Trinity Sunday. Went to
Sunday School. Mrs. Haun
was there. We had one lesson
on our leaflets "The Name of God"
Isa 6.1-8 and one in our books
Death of John the Baptist Mark 6.14.29
and Mrs Haun took
the latter for
the lesson. Came home with Lizzie.
Papa & mamma were out for a
drive. I went to church alone
Came home with Beatrice and

  Monday 11(162-203) 

Papa got a prescription for
the hair filled to-day. Mrs.
Overholt gave it to us.
Mamma & I went for a
drive down Martindale
through Port and home
There was all old woman
sick by Woodruff's field.
Mr P. J. Price is raising
a subscription for an
ambulance for St. Catharines,
Thorold, Merritton & Port Dalhousie.
Truned cooler to-night.

June Tuesday 12(163-202)1900

Went up to Mrs. Sullivan's
this morning but she
was not ready for me.
Mamma & I went uptown
after dinner and I bought
a handkerchief tie at Tait's and
mamma bought one at Mc
. Got No 3 John St" out
of library - Got some green
currants at McLaren's for a
pie. Mrs. Mason, Hilda, Mildrid
and Mrs. Mason's sister were
here in aftrernoon. Had
strawberries for first time.

  Wednesday 13(164-201) 

Was up in Mrs. Sullivan's
again. She was ready.
Went to see if Ella would
go for a drive. Mamma & I
drove uptown after two
painted plates papa
bought. Met Mrs. Sims - Ella &
mamma drove out to lake.
Got real cold then a warm
wind sprang up in 3 min.
Lizzie came down to see
Phoebe about her waist
Maud Rottineier{?] was with her.
Took Ella a bunch of
syringas [sic]. "Musicians" for June came.
Mrs. & Miss Borrowman called.

June Thursday 14(165-200)1900

Ella came over in morning
and mamma showed her
how to cut a waist by new
pattern. Our white roses
are out. At noon there
was [sic] two circles around
the sun and inside of
the circles was a dark
space. Maggie brought
Pheobe's waist home after
so long a time. Frank Overholt
was here for tea. Had to go
over to Lee's after butter. Band

  Friday 15(166-199) 

Frank did not stay but rode
home last night. Went
uptown to Inksater's and
Wilson's. Pretty warm
riding. Mamma & papa
went out for a drive
after tea & I had to
wash the dishes.
My white pique dress
and blue waist came
home to-night. She did
not do as mamma wanted
her to, and my blue waist
has the white front on the outside
instead of inside of waist.

June Saturday 16(167-198)1900

Took my music lesson. Have
quite a bit for next week.
Took 25th Mazurka, Etude.
Miss Duval goes to Toronto next week
Mr. Read said he wanted me in
the winter to come over to Buffalo
to play in a recital. Saw Helen &
Beatrice. Was over to Carman's
Mamma & I went over to the
"At Home" on Ridley Cricket Field.
Met Mrs. Archer. Christened my
new dress. Papa went shooting
frogs. He got 44.

  Sunday 17(168-197) 

Went to church in morning
Sermon Matt. VIII. 2 & 3 verses.
Lizzie came home with me
I gave her some roses
and walked as far as Pay's
with her. Mrs Pay called
me in and gave me a
dish of strawberries
and cream. Just got home
in time for dinner and
had to hurry off to Sunday
School. Lesson was "The Feeding
of Five Thousand" and Lizzie & I
went for a walk to Black
after Sunday School. She wants
me to take a class for her in August
Papa & mamma went for a drive.

June Monday 18(169-196)1900

Mamma & I drove to Decew Falls
in afternoon. Stopped to get
some wild strawberries
that grow on a small hill
in a field as you turn to
go to Decew. They were dried
up. Got a few. Then we got
some more beyond the
Falls. Got an invitation to
Demill Commencement
exercises next week. Lizzie
was down to get Dr. Macfarlane's
address for Maud Rottineier[?].

  Tuesday 19(170-195) 

Mamma & I drove to Homer
to get Nellie shod1 at Mr
Wilson's. We went in the
house. I played some for Mrs.
Wilson. She showed us some
nice photographs of different
places Decew, 12 Mile Creek & C.
When we were coming home
we were out to see her roses
she gave me a beautiful pink
one like a tearose, & a white
moss & mamma a red & white moss.
Mr. McGinnis is going to Japan
and Mr. Maloney is coming in
his place Nice Irish names.
Mamma had three callers when
we were away.

1. past participle of "to shoe".

June Wednesday 20(171-194)1900

Wash day. Mrs. Trusty has
been sick and Dr. Jory tells
her it is paralysis coming
on. In the afternoon I
practiced & worked at my
Harmony until I did not
know whether I was on my
head or heels. Mamma went
uptown, and to the church.
She went to pay Mrs.
for my dress.

  Thursday 21(172-193) 

Mamma went to Toronto this [sic]
to see Carrie and I have to
be housekeeper. I got
the dinner of cold meat,
milk potatoes, tomatoes &
strawberries. Finished
John St. I do not care for
it. In the afternoon I took
it up to the office but
papa wanted to read it so
I brought it home. I sent
for 10 of the Brown pictures to
illustrate the lesson if I
take those kids Lizzie
wanted me to. Mamma came
home about 9. Got a hammock
& White House Cook Book.

June Friday 22(173-192)1900

Carrie sent me a pampas
grass plume. Last night
was children's night in
the park and the band
played twosteps for them.
They could make all the noise
they liked if they kept
quiet other nights. We
canned strawberries to-day
Got 15 boxes from Jeeves.

  Saturday 23(174-191) 

Took my music lesson. Mr.
played me a suite of
Japanese songs of his. I have
to take my lesson at 8 o'clock
next Saturday. It is my last
lesson. He kept me until 10.30.
Walked uptown after stamps
and a ball for Pansy. Then
mamma & I went for a drive.
To see about cherries Met Sid
on Niagara St. Bridge
Beatrice came over for me to
go for a ride down cinderpath.
Papa went frog shooting. Got
4 frogs. Mr. C. Riordon & Miss
Amy Paterson were married in
our church at 2:30pm.

June Sunday 24(175-190)1900

Went to church in morning
Sermon Matt. III 8 Verse. Rev.
Stamage Boyle
read the
lesson. Very warm. Went to
Sunday School. Flower Sunday.
Mrs. Keyes helped take the Infant
class upstairs & Mr. Perry asked
me to help her. Got a lot of
flowers. Mr McGinnis and
Mr. Boyle spoke. Mr. Boyle preached
in the evening. Did not go.
Went to Pay's and ate cherries
Mr. & Mrs. Macgregor came after
we were there.

  Monday 25(176-189) 

Mamma went out collecting
in afternoon. Very warm.
In the evening papa
caught the pigeons and Mr.
Coy and he went to race
course & shot them. Dr.
Kilmer & Mr. Lovelace did not
turn up. Della mamma & I
went for a drive. They
had an undergraduate
Music & Elecution recital
to-night at Demill. Did not go.
Went home with Dell &
over to Dwyer's, Bessie Read
was there. Got 12 pictures
from Brown & Co. Mr Painter
gave papa four snapping turtle eggs on Saturday

June Tuesday 26(177-188)1900

They had a confirmation in 
Port last night. They had
the closing excersises at Ridley
this afternoon. It was so 
warm that mamma
would not go. Papa brought 
Wide World for July. Mamma & I 
went to Demill commencement
Excercises. The graduates were
Miss Laura Phillips in Piano
and Miss Annie McCleary in Voice
Very nice programme. Mr. Read was
there. Mamma & I sneaked out of
the drawing room & came home.

  Wednesday 27(178-187) 

Very warm yet. Had my 
hair washed and had to
sit outdoors all morning 
did not get any practice
in in the morning. Mamma 
went to church and 
uptown. Only got about
$11. this month as half of the 
lists are not in. Wilsons's
lumber yard
was set on
fire about 10 o'clock this 
morning. They had a 
supper at the lodge to-night.

June Thursday 28(179-186)1900

Very Warm to-day. 100°
yesterday. Mamma washed 
her hair. Practiced 1 1/2 hours
in morning & 1 1/2 hours in afternoon.
Ms. Ernest Groff & Miss
Mabel Skinner
were married
in our church at 8.30 am
Miss Lane & Miss Phillips
were in Buffalo to play at
a recital of Mr. Read's 
Papa & mamma were
for a drive. Mamma got 
"The Silver Cross" by S. R. Keightley
Read some of it to-day.

  Friday 29(180-185) 

Beatrice came after me this 
morning to go with her to 
St. Paul St. church to practice
as she did not like to 
go alone. She is going to 
supply for Miss Vanderburgh.
Went to McLaren's after and 
then she treated me in Jean's to 
an ice cream soda. Practiced in 
afternoon. Then went up 
to McLaren's after 2 puff ties
for a quarter. Lizzie was
down to see Phoebe, at 

June Saturday 30(181-184)1900

Took my last music lesson
before the holidays. Miss
took her lesson after
me. Had to go to Eckhardts.
Miss McCaul is in Miss Macfarlane's
place. Had to get "Fantasiestück Op 7." by. C.
, and Valse Chromatique
Op 88, by Godard
to practice
during holidays. Papa & Frank
went to Dunnville
this afternoon. Mamma & I
drove out to the bush
after moss. Lizzie was

JulyDominion Day (Dominion)Sunday 1(182-183) 

Mamma & I went to church
in morning. Lesson Matt
IX 2 verse. Healing of Paralytic
Staid [sic] to Communion. Came
home with Mrs Coy and
Mattie. Made some ice-
cream. Lizzie came after me
to go to Sunday School.
Lesson "Christ walking on the
Sea." Mamma & I went for
a drive out middle road
Found some mulberries
and wild red raspberries.
Mr & Mrs. Pay came over
to eat ice cream at night.

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