Diary Page 92



Diary Page 92


- Winnie's mother visits Carrie in Toronto


June 20
Wash day. Mrs. Trusty has
green sick and Dr. Joy [?] tells
her it is paralysis coming
on. In the afternoon I
practiced & worked at my
Harmony until I did not
know whether I was on my
head or heels. Mamma went
uptown, and to the church.
She went to pay Mrs.
Sullivans for my dress.

June 21
Mamma went to Toronto this[?]
to see Carrie and I have to
be housekeeper. I got
the dinner of cold meat,
milk potatoes, tomatoes &
strawberries. Finished
John St. I do not care for
it. In the afternoon I took
it up to the office but
Papa wanted to read it so
I brought it home. I sent
for 10 of the Brown pictures to
illustrate the lesson if I
wake those kids Lizzie
wanted me to. Mamma came
home about 9.Got a hammock
& White House Cook Book.

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[PERSONAL]June 20-21, 1900

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