Diary page 96



Diary page 96


June 28
very Warm to-day. 100{o}
yesterday. Mamma washed
her hair. Practiced 1 1/2 hours
in morning & 1 1/2 hours in afternoon.
Ms. Ernest Groff [?] & Miss
Mabel Skinner were married
in our church at 8:30 am
Miss Lme & Miss Phillips
were in Buffalo to play at
a recital of Mr. Read's
Papa & mamma were
for a drive. Mamma got
"The Silver Cross" by S. R. Keightley
Read some of it to-day.

June 29
Beatrice came after me this
morning to go with her to
St. Paul St. Church to practice
as she did not like to
go alone. She is going to
supply for Miss Vanderburgh.
Went to McLaren's after and
then she treated me in Jean's to
an ice cream soda. Practiced in
afternoon. Then went up
to Mc.Laren's after 2 puff ties
for a quarter. Lizzie was
down to see Phoebe at

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