Diary Page 91



Diary Page 91


- Winnie and mother drive to Decew Falls


June 18
Mamma & I drove to Decew Falls
in afternoon. Stopped to get
some wild strawberries
that grow on a small hill
in a field as you turn to
go to Decew. They were dried
up. Got a few. Then we got
some more beyond the
Falls. Got an invitation to
Demill Commencement
exercises next week. Lizzie
was down to get Dr. Macfarlane's
address for Maud Rottineier.

June 19
Mamma & I drove to Homer
to get Nellie shad[?] at Mr
Wilson's. We went in the
house. I played some for Mrs.
Wilson. She showed us some
nice photographs of different
plays Decew 12 Mile Creek & C.
When we were coming home
we were out to see her roses
she gave me a beautiful pink
one like a tearose, & a white
moss[?] & mamma a red & white moss.
Mr. McGinnis is going to Japan
and Mr. Maloney is coming in
his place Nice Irish names
Mamma had three callers when
we were away.

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[PERSONAL]June 18-19, 1900

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