Diary Page 86



Diary Page 86


- Death of Mrs Dr Leitch


June 8
Aunt Lillie and I went uptown
this morning. We went
to the bazzaar and she
bought two plays and I
brought 1 doz. little ones for
10{c}. We got home after twelve
and the horse came at 2 o'clock
and they started. Saw Frank
Ovenholt at the office. Mamma & I
drove up to Mrs. Sullivan's. She
was ready. Got a piece of red
satin ribbon & black pulley
belt rings for a red belt for my
red waist. Old Mrs. Wand[?] is dead 93 years old.

June 9
Took my lesson at 9 o'clock.
Saw Helen when I came
home. Papa and mamma
went frog - hunting down
Lake and Niagara Sts. I
was over to Dwyer's Beatrice
is home. They have four
cows. Mrs. Pay came
while I was there and
we went uptown together.
Tried Shelley's. Foley's and
Hetheington's[?] after tart shells
but could not get them. Mrs
Dr. Leitch is dead. Papa got
35 frogs.

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[LOCAL]June 8-9, 1900

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