Diary Page 93



Diary Page 93


June 22
Carrie sent me a pampas
grass plume. Last night
was children's night in
the park and the band
played twosteps for them.
They could make all the noise
they liked if they kept
quiet other nights. We
canned strawberries to-day
Got 15 boxes from Jeeves.

June 23
Took my music lesson. Mr.
Read played me a suite of
Japanese songs of his. I have
to take my lesson at 8 o'clock
next Saturday. It is my last
lesson. He kept me until 10:30.
Walked uptown after stamps
and a ball for Pansy. Then
mamma & I went for a drive.
To see about cherries Met Sid
Bunting on Niagara St. Bridge
Beatrice came over for me to
go for a ride down cinderpath.[?]
Papa went frog shooting. Got
4 frogs. Mr. C. Riordon & Miss
Amy Paterson were married in
our church at 2:30pm.

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