Diary Page 88



Diary Page 88


June 12
Went up to Mrs. Sullivan's
this morning but she
was not ready for me.
Mamma & I went uptown
after dinner and I bought
a handkerchief tie at Tait's and
mamma bought one at Mc.
Laren's. Got No 3 John St" out
of library - Got some green
currants at McLaren's for a
pie. Mrs. Mason, Hilda, Wildrid
and Mrs. Mason's sister were
here in aftrernoon. Had
strawberried for first time.

June 13
Was up in Mrs. Sullivan's
again. She was ready.
Went to see if Ella would
go for a drive. Mamma &
I drove uptown after two
painted plates papa
bought. Met Mrs. Sims - Ella &
mamma drove out to lake.
Got real cold then a warm
wind sprang up in 3 min.[?]
Lizzie came down to see
Phoebe about her waist
Maud Rottineier was with her.
Took Ella a bunch of
syringas [sic]. "Musicians" for June came,
Mrs. & Miss Borrowman [?] called.

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