Diary Page 84



Diary Page 84


- Pretoria taken


June 4
Mr Halliday was here cutting
grease and cabbage nosebuds
tor[?]. I think he needs a pair
of magnifying glasses. Mamma
& I drove down to Trusty's
with some things. Mrs
Trusty left here. Saw Anne, Susie
and the children. Then we
drove out to lake and
got some sand. Got dogwood
in Martindales. Papa brought
my Chopin book home. It suits
but they did not put leather
corners on it. Dr. Hunt is here for
Mr. McLaren's case.

June 5
Nice and warm to-day
Practiced 3 hours. Pretoria is
taken at last and the
Mayor ordered the city buildings
and post office illuminated.
Mamma went uptown to
order curtains for hall door
and kitchen windows.
Then I rode up to Mrs.
Sullivan's to try my white
dress tried on. She only
had my skirt cut out.
Papa had to go uptown at
night to see Dr. Hunt. Dexter broke
his collar when Emma Jeeves came
in. Tommy asked us if we wanted
a kitten. Then he went to see Ella.

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[GLOBAL]June 4-5, 1900

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