Diary Page 89



Diary Page 89


June 14
Ella came over in morning
and mamma showed her
how to cut a waist by new
pattern. Our white roses
are out. At noon there
was two circles around
the sun and inside of
the circles was a dark
space. Maggie brought
Pheobie's waist home after
so long a time. Frank Overholt
was here for tea. Had to go
over to Lee's after butter. Band

June 15
Frank did not stay but rode
home last night. Went
uptown to Inksater's and
Wilson's. Pretty warm
riding. Mamma & papa
went out for a drive
after tea. & I had to
wash the dishes.
My white pique dress
and blue waist came
home to-night. She did
not do as mamma wanted
her to, and my blue waist
has the white front on the outside
instead of inside of waist.

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