Diary Page 94



Diary Page 94


- Stamage Boyle reads lession in church_
- Undergraduate Music & Elocution recital at Demill College


June 24
Went to church in morning
Sermon Matt. III 8 Verse. Rev.
Stamage Boyle read the
lesson. Very warm. Went to
Sunday School. Flower Sunday
Mrs. Keyes helped take the Infant
class upstairs & Mr. Perry asked
me to help her. Got a lot of
flowers. Mr McGinnis and
Mr. Boyle spoke. Mr. Boyle preached
in the evening. Did not go.
Went to Pays and ate cherries
Mr. & Mrs. Macgregor came after
we were there.

June 25
Mamma went out collecting
in afternoon. Very warm.
In the evening papa
caught the pigeons and Mr.
Coy and he went to race
course & shot them. Dr.
Kilmer & Mr. Lovelace did not
turn up. Della [?] & I
went for a drive. They
had an undergradiated [?]
Music & Elecutuiib recital
to-night at Demill, Did not go.
Went home with Dell &
over to Dwyer's, Bessie Read
was there. Got 12 pictures
from Brown & Co. Mr Painter
gave papa four snapping turtle eggs on Saturday

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[LOCAL]June 24-25, 1900

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