Diary Page 83



Diary Page 83


June 2
Took my lesson at 9 o'clock and
Miss Duval [?] asked me whether
I would mind if she came at
8 next Saturday. Mrs Collins took after
me. Took 24{th} Etude & Gb valse of
Chopin's. Went up to office as
my waltzes are being bound
and I went up to Oshorne's[?]. Will be
done on Monday afternoon. Was
uptown. Met Leta and she came
with me in Walker & Abbs, Wilson's
& McLaren's garden. She bought some
candy. Decoration Day. Veteran's
went down to cemetery & decorated graves.

June 3
Went to church in morning.
Sermon Acts II. 4 verse,
Communion Sunday. Papa
and Mr. Marcus were out
for a walk. Papa found a
little mudturtle and gave it
to him for the baby. Papa went
to Mr. Rollinson's funeral.
Went to Sunday School, Mrs
Keyes taught us. To-day is
Whitsunday{1}. We all went to
church at night. St. John
XII. 21 verse. Mr & Mrs Pay
and Hattie came home
with us.

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