Diary page 95



Diary page 95


- Confirmation in Port Dalhousie_
- Closing Exercises at Ridley College_
- Commencement Excercises at Demill College_
- Winnie's mother collects $11 at church_
- Wilson's Lumber Yard ablaze at 10am


They had a confirmation in
Port last night. They had
the closing excersises at Ridley
this afternmoon. It was so
warm that mamma
would not go. Papa brought
Wide World for July. Mamma & I
went to Demill commencement
Excercises. The graduates were
Miss Laura Phillips in Piano
and Miss Annie McCleary in Voice
Very nice programme. Mr. Read was
there. Mamma & I sneaked out of
the drawing room & came home.

June 27
Very warm yet. Had my
hair washed and had to
sit outdoors all morning
did not get any practice
in in the morning. Mamma
went to church and
uptown. Only got about
$11. this month as half of the
lists are not in Wilsons's
lumber yard was set on
fire about 10 o'clock this
morning. They had a
supper at the lodge to-night.

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[LOCAL]June 26-27, 1900

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