September Sunday 30(273-92)1900

Eva cut a slice out of her finger
last night and came in for some
courtplaster. Went to church.
Sermon Prov XXVIII. 26 verse.
Papa drove down Lake st.
to the little cottage below
railway and got a hound
they gave him. Its name is
Dewey. Went to Sunday School
Had review. Mamma and
I were at church at night
Sermon Mk. VI. 2 I think Came home
with Dwyers.

October Monday 1(274-91) 

Had to get up early this
morning as papa and
mamma are going
to Buffalo by 9 o'clock
car Did my Harmony.
They got home about
8 o'clock. Mamma looked
for some pictures of musicians
but did not get one. She
brought me some pretty
blue ribbon and white silk
tie and a linen hankerchief
Got some candy. They saw
Dick and had to wait on
Yankee side for a car. So they
took in the museum.

October Tuesday 2(275-90)1900

Eva says she is not going
to school this afternoon
as the whole room is in
for a licking. Mamma and
I drove down to Trusty's
for hops then to Waites
for peony root. When we
came home I dressed went
uptown to Library and
got Attila by G.P.R. James no good
And I went to see Allie
she was not home when I
got there but came later.
They have a reception for Dr. Smith & bride

  Wednesday 3(276-89) 

Very fine and warm
Mamma and I drove
uptown. Took a trap to
papa's office. Papa gave me
a $1.00 I got a book
"Steadfast" by Rose Terry
[sic]. Sent for a sample
of hair stuff. Then we
drove out to Decew Falls
for some earth. I caught
a frog and got 6 snails
Got enough mushrooms for
tea. Mr Pay wants mamma
to be judge at the fair

October Thursday 4(277-88)1900

Mamma had to go down to
the fair at 1 o'clock. Cab called
for her. So I had to clear
the dinner & c.[?]. Then after 
I got through I rode
uptown to Inksater's as
I ordered some cotton on Tuesday
and it has not came yet.
Miss Muir and her mother
called. Mamma said the
fair is no good. Got
four tickets.

  Friday 5(278-87) 

I thought I would rather
go to Decew Falls hunting
mushrooms than go to
the fair so mamma &
I went. We got quite a 
few. It was fun. Coming 
home we saw some of
the prize cattle & horses.
Coming from the fair. Saw
some red pigs. Eva came over
to show me her cards but 
I was not home. Papa
had to go to lodge for 
a supper and great
doings[?] they are to have

October Saturday 6(279-86)1900

Took my music lesson.
Had 1st piece Bolero Op 26 Jadassohn
for lesson. Mr Read said that it
and valse. Op 1 by Wrangell would
be good ones for musical.
Mrs Overholt was in for
a few minutes on her way
home. Papa drove to grandpas 
to-night. Took Dexter. Eva
brought me two pieces of
music she got at the fair.

  Sunday 7(280-85) 

Went to church in the 
morning. Sermon Psalm 51.
Staid [sic] to Communion. Eva came
over and said she was
going to our Sunday
School as she went to Jones
and she & Jessie came after me.
We had a special offering for
the expenses of Sunday School.
We got $13.51. Pretty good for kids.
Poured as we were ready to
come home. Nellie Lloyd lent me
her heptonette. Met mamma
coming after me. St George's
re-opened to-day. St Barnabas
had a Harvest Home service

October Monday 8(281-84)1900

Cooler than it has been.
took Nellie's heptonette
home. Then I mailed
a letter for mamma and
started for Miss Crawford's.
Met her on Church Street
so I turned and came
back as far as Cox's
with her. Came home then
went and called
on Ethel and Mabel
. Got the free
sample of hair stuff

  Tuesday 9(282-83) 

Eva borrowed my gold bracelet
yesterday and brought it back
at noon.I made some
cream candy but it was
not as good as the old kind.
Papa came home. Aunt Allie
sent me seven books and
a quilt. Papa shot 3 woodcock
and a partridge. Eva had the
two little Lawrence girls in
here she brought me some
"Cracker - Jack". Papa brought
some shekel pears home.
Had a sham [?] fight on
Hainer's Hill to-night.

October Wednesday 10(283-82)1900

Cool and frosty. Mamma was
going uptown so I got
ready and went with her.
She went to Mrs Sullivan's
to see about our clothes.
We were at Miss
and mamma
picked out a very
pretty hat. I changed
the library book and
got 'Mr Faversham's New Years

  Thursday 11(284-81) 

Mamma cleaned the little
front room to-day. In afternoon
mamma went to call on 
Ms Read who was staying
at Dwyer's. She was gone and
mamma was in Mrs Pay's
for a while. Miss Nora McSloy
had a "Book Tea" yesterday.
Allie won first prize.
I had to go to Lee's saw
Ella and when I came
home Eva was here with
some popcorn.

October Friday 12(285-80)1900

Did not practice much
to-day. After dinner
mamma and I
went for a drive. We
drove to Sixteen and
got a tick and
looking glass out of
the cottage. Pappa wanted
to take them up
North with him.
Got some very hard
apples on the tree by

  Saturday 13(286-79) 

Took my music IV. of
Jadassohn's Op 26
. Eva
came over and she is going
to the Falls. Papa and 
mamma started right after
dinner for the twenty. I
washed the dishes and
ironed some small things.
Mrs Trusty did our washing to-day
Then Phoebe and I went
uptown. She got a skirt and 
took Paderewski to have him 
framed. Eva bought me a Union
Jack Hatpin from Falls. Mamma
found some lovely apples in the
marsh. I made some candy
with chocolate in "Fudge".

October Sunday 14(287-78)1900

I was over to Tucker's last
night and asked Mabel to go
to church with me. We went 
Sermon John I. 29 & 30 I think
Eva was over and stayed 
until I came home. Went
to Sunday School. Lesson
Parable of Great Supper".
Papa was out with Dexter
He went to call on Locke Dudley
at night. Mamma and I
went to church. Sermon Judges
XIII. 14 verse. Pays & Dwyers came
home with us.

  Monday 15(288-77) 

It is a lovely day. When I
was waiting for mamma
to hitch up I ran across
to Woodruff's and got a 
basketful of walnuts.
Ethel Tucker came & helped
me get a few. We drove
down to Homer to have Nell
shod. I think we saw Rev.
Mr Maloney. Had some grapes
We went to Mrs Woodruff's then
after some squashes. Allie
was over to see me.
Eva and Tom were over
nearly all evening

October Tuesday 16(289-76)1900

The gas works burned last
night. Eva came and told us
before breakfast, then she
was over after. Turned 
quite cool. Gave Eva some
fans. I took Mrs Carman
two cosmos to let her
see the size of them. They
were painting the kitchen
floor bright yellow.
Fixed a picture for my
room. Hofmann's "Christ in garden 
of Gethsemane."

  Wednesday 17(290-75) 

The man came and cleaned
the stoves. The sweet
potatoes we had last night
went for me. Mamma went
up to the church. I read
"Haran the Hermit" then I
got ready and started. Met
mamma & Mrs Haun at the 
corner. We went to
McLaren's and got goods for 
my green skirt. Then to
Miss Anderson's. Got some 
narrow velvet ribbon for my hair
Met Mrs Pay. I got "When Knighthood
was in Flower
" at Library. Went 
to Keating's after my picture.
Pays have sold their house and we go
there Friday

October Thursday 18(291-74)1900

Thanksgiving. Did not go
to church. Had a nice
young turkey for dinner.
Mamma and I were for
a drive in afternoon.
We called at Mr Ross' to
have him clean windows.
Mamma went to Mrs
. We drove out
Geneva Street and came
home Lake street.

  Friday 19(292-73) 

Cooler to-day. Papa ate
some herring last night
and does not feel well
to-day. Mamma went
uptown right after
dinner and I washed
dishes. She came home
and went to Mrs Sullivan's
again. Will Marquis was 
here to see papa. Mamma and 
I went to Pay's at night. Mrs Pay
is having all the club in as
she has sold their house. The
two Misses Taylor were there.
Mrs McGhie won ladies prize
and Mr Dwyer's gentlemans
Had distribution of prizes at Collegiate.

October Saturday 20(293-72)1900

Took my music lesson. Have
VI Jadassohn. Mr Read wanted to know
whether I sang as it would be benefical [sic]
to go to the oratorio rehersal he is
going to have at Demill. Have to get
three pieces, but I think I have one
so I came home, then went back
to Eckhardt's. Got "Valse Chromatique by Leschetizky
& Passepied from Le Roi s'amuse by Delibes.
Mrs J. Overholt came in to see us 
and Mr Overholt came after her. Allie
brought us some pears. Had to go to
Myers so I went to see Leta. I saw
her this morning & she wanted me to come.

  Sunday 21(294-71) 

Very warm. Went to church
St. John I. 57. I came home with
Beatrice. Walked down to Macdonald's
with her. Frank Coy has typhoid.
Papa let Dewey loose and he
ran for home but papa caught
him. Papa & mamma went for a
drive and I went to Sunday
School. Lesson "Parable of Lost Sheep
and Lost Corn". Papa found some
lovely mushrooms around
Decew Falls.

October Monday 22(295-70)1900

Very warm. Mamma cleaned
their bedroom. We went 
for a drive in the
afternoon. Drove up to Mrs
. She measured me
for my green skirt. It is to
be 41 inches in front & 42 in back.
Went to office after balm
and some certificates of
papa's. He went to Falls
on 7 o'clock trolley to get
his license. Saw Mrs

  Tuesday 23(296-69) 

Eva came over in the morning.
Her uncle is very sick.
Did my Harmony. Eva brought
her cousin over. Mamma
had to go to the office
to have her teeth
fixed. Papa got the October
"Wide World" Magazine.
Eva was her [sic] for tea and
is going to stay here all
night. Her cousin is going 
to stay at Carmans.

October Wednesday 24(297-68)1900

Eva staid [sic] all night. We put her
in the spare room but she came
and slept with me. They took
her uncle away this morning
Ethel came after her and she had
to go to school. Mamma went
to Mrs Sullivan's and she
was not ready. She won't be ready
for me to-morrow. Phoebe is 
going to have Miss Boyle make her
skirt. Papa went to see
Mr Sidney Bunting at

  Thursday 25(298-67) 

The weather is fine. Got "The 
Ladies Home Journal" and "Success".
Mamma and I drove uptown. Went
to Miss Biggar after a lily, then
to Mrs Sullivan's. I went to
Eckhardt's & got my two pieces
Passepeid by Delibes & Valse
Chromatique by Leschetizky
drove down to Mr Bruce's
to see if he could keep
Nellie this winter, but 
he can't as the barns are [xxx]
on the place he is going to

October Friday 26(299-66)1900

My room was cleaned this
morning. I had to go to Mrs
and she can't do 
my skirt this week. Phoebe
is having a skirt made at
Miss Boyle's. We went for 
a drive. Intended going
around Grange Hall way but
it looked like rain so we
came through Port. Papa went
to the Falls withh Mr

  Saturday 27(300-65) 

Mrs Trusty came to iron. Took
my lesson. Took "Passepied"
and am to start "Murmuring
Zephyrs" by Jensen
. Papa got
two nice baskets of apples
of an old man. Eva was
over to show us some
silver hearts she got. I went
uptown met Ella and went
with her to Stamp Store. She
lent me a "Foregone Conclusion"
by W. D. Howells
. Mamma
came over as I was there to
get her belt [?] but Miss Biggar
did not come. We went over
on racecourse to see how the 
railway was progressing.

October Sunday 28(301-64)1900

Eva was over with a new dress
on. Went to church. Had Rev.
Helier [?] Hamilton of Japan. Sermon
St Matt. I. 21 were. Two young
gentleman sat in our seat.
Papa and mamma went for
a drive. I went to Sunday School.
We had Miss Cleghorn for teacher.
Mr Hamilton spoke to us. Ella
brought the bulbs over.
Papa & mamma were at Overholt's
Mr Overholt is sick. Papa got
some chestnuts.

  Monday 29(302-63) 

Papa went away this morning
for Muskoka. Took Dewey
with him. Mamma cleaned
Phoebe room. [???] Then in
afternoon we drove to Homer
to see if Mr Wilson knew
anything about Mr Pringle
who keeps horses there.
We came home Queenston
Street but did not meet any
cars. Mrs Keating died Saturday
and was buried this

October Tuesday 30(303-62)1900

Very rainy and gloomy.
Cleaned Papa's room
and the hall. Mamma
had to go uptown in
the rain. Mrs Sullivan wanted
me instead of mamma. A
Mr Lee killed himself
this morning. He lived on
Court and Centre St. There is a
lecture in the church on
Japan. Could not go for this rain.
Pansy caught a large

  Wednesday 31(304-61) 

I went up to Smith's for
meat their to Mrs Sullivan's
She had the flounce1 cut out.
Got a book out of library
"My Musical Experience"
by B. Walker
I enjoyed
it. Wrote a letter to Aunt
. Mamma went to the 
Church as it is annual
meeting of Ladies Aid. They
have made about $225 this
year. Not bad. Eva and Tom
came in with very pretty
falsefaces on. Then after
Jessie Jones and the two came
again. Eva had some taffy.

1. A strip of fabric attached at one edge.

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