Diary Page 144



Diary Page 144


- Reception for Dr Smith and Bride


October 2

Eva says she is not going
to school this afternoon
as the whole room is in
for a licking. Mamma and
I drove down to Trusty's
for hops then to Waites
for peony root. When we
came home I dressed went
uptown to Library and
got Attila by G.P.R. James no good
And I went to see Allie
she was not home when I
got there but came later.
They have a reception for Dr. Smith & bride

October 3

Very fine and warm
Mamma and I drove
uptown. Took a trap to
papa's office. Papa gave me
a $1.00 I got a book
"Steadfast" by Rose Terry
Cook. Sent for a sample
of hair [?] stuff. Then we
drove out to Decew Falls
for some earth. I caught
a frog and got 6 snails
Got enough mushrooms for
tea. Mr Pay wants mamma
to be judge at the fair

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[LOCAL]October 2-3, 1900

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