Diary Page 155



Diary Page 155


People: Eva, Ethel, Mrs. Sullivan's, Phoebe, Miss Boyle, Mr. Sidney, Miss Biggans, Mr. Bruce
Locations: Eckhardt's
Music: Passepeid by Delibes & Valse Chromatique by Leschetizky


October 24

Eva staid [sic] all night. We put her
in the spare room but she came
and slept with me. They took
her uncle away this morning
Ethel came after her and she had
to go to school. Mamma went
to Mrs Sullivan's and she
was not ready. She won't be ready
for me to-morrow. Phoebe is
going to have Miss Boyle make her
skirt. Papa went to see
Mr Sidney Bunting at

October 25

The weather is fine. Got "The
Ladies Home Jormal" and "Success".
Mamma and I drove uptown. Went
to Miss Biggans after a lily, then
to Mrs Sullivan's. I went to
Eckhardt's & got my two pieces
Passepeid by Delibes & Valse
Chromatique by Leschetizky We
drove down to Mr Bruce's
to see if he could keep
Nellie this winter, but
he can't as the barns are [xxx]
on the place he is going to

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