Diary page 152-Oct 18-19



Diary page 152-Oct 18-19


October 18
Thanksgiving. Did not go
to church. Had a nice
young turkey for dinner.
Mamma and I were for
a drive in afternoon.
We called at Mr Ross' to
have him clean windows.
Mamma went to Mrs
Sullivan's. We drove out
Geneva Street and came
home Lake street.

October 19

Cooler to-day. Papa ate
some herring last night
and does not feel well
to-day. Mamma went
uptown right after
dinner and I washed
dishes. She came home
and went to Mrs Sullivan's
again. Will Marquis was
here to see papa. Mamma and
I went to Pay's at night. Mrs Pay
is having all the club in as
she has sold their house. The
two Misses Taylor were there.
Mrs McGhie won ladies prize
and Mr Dwyer's gentlemans
Had distribution of prizes at Collegiate.

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