Diary Page 147



Diary Page 147


People: Nellie, Miss Crawford, Ethal and Mabel Tucker, Eva, Aunt Allie, Eva,
Locations: Hainer's Hill


October 8

Cooler than it has been.
took Nellie's heptonette[?]
home. Then I mailed
a letter for mamma and
started for Miss Crawford's.
Met her on Church Street
so I turned and came
back as far as Cox's
with her. Came home then
went and called
on Ethel and Mabel
Tucker. Got the free
sample of hair stuff

October 9

Eva borrowed my gold bracelet
yesterday and brought it back
at noon.I made some
cream candy but it was
not as good as the old kind.
Papa came home. Aunt Allie
sent me seven books and
a quilt. Papa shot 3 woodcock
and a partridge. Eva had the
two little Lawrence girls in
here she brought me some
"Cracker - Jack". Papa brought
some shekel pears home.
Had a sham [?] fight on
Hainer's Hill to-night.

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