Diary Page 158



Diary Page 158


- Suicide of Mr Lee_
- Annual meeting of Ladies Aid ($225 for year)


October 30

Very rainy and gloomy.
Cleaned Papa's room
and the hall. Mamma
had to go uptown in
the rain. Mrs Sullivan wanted
me instead of mamma. A
Mr Lee [???] and [???]
this morning. He lived on
Court and Centre St. There is a
lecture in the church on
Japan[?]. Could not go for this [???].
Pansy caught a large

October 31

I went up to Smith's for
meat their to Mrs Sullivan's
She had the [???] cut out.
Got a book out of library
"My Musical Experiences"
by B. Walker I enjoyed
it. Wrote a letter to Aunt
allie. Mamma went to the
Church as it is annual
meeting of Ladies Aid. They
have made about $225 this
year. Not bad. Eva and Tom
came in with very pretty
falsefaces on. Then after
Jessie Jones and the [???] came
again. Eva had some taffy.

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[LOCAL]Octobe 30-31, 1900

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