Diary Page 153



Diary Page 153


- Frank Coy has typhoid


October 20

Took my music lesson. Have
VI Jadassohn. Mr read wanted to know
whether I sang as it would be benefical
to go to the oratorio rehersal he is
going to have at Demill. Have to get
three pieces, but I think I have one
so I came home then went back
to Eckhardt's. Got "Valse Chromatique by Leschetizky
& Passepied from Le Roi s'amuse by Delibes.
Mrs J. Overholt came in to see us
and Mr Overholt came after her. Allie
brought us some pears. Had to go to
Myers so I went to see Leta. I saw
her this morning & she wanted me to come.

October 21

Very warm. Went to church
St. John I. 57. I came home with
Beatrice. Walked down to Macdonald's
with her. Frank Coy has typhoid.
Papa let Dewey loose and he
ran for home but papa caught
him. Papa & mamma went for a
drive and I went to Sunday
School. Lesson "Parable of Lost Sheep
and Lost Corn". Papa found some
lovely mushrooms around
Decew Falls.

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[LOCAL]October 20-21, 1900

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