Diary Page 143



Diary Page 143


- Winnie's parents go to Buffalo


September 30

Eva cut a slice out of her finger
last night and came in for some
courtplaster. Went to church.
Sermon Prov XXVIII. 26 verse.
Papa drove down Lake st.
to the little cottage below
railway and got a hound
they gave him. Its name is
Dewey. Went to Sunday School
Had review. Mamma and
I were at church at night
Sermon Mk. VI. 2 I think Came home
with Dwyers.

October 1

Had to get up early this
morning as papa and
mamma are going
to Buffalo by 9-o'clock
car Did my Harmony.
They got home about
8-o'clock. Mamma looked
for some pictures of musicians
but did not get one She
bought me some pretty
blue ribbon and white silk
tie and a linen hankerchief
Got some candy. They saw
Dick and had to wait on
Yankee side for a car. So they
took in the museum.

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[PERSONAL]September 30-October 1, 1900

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