Diary Page 157



Diary Page 157


- Rev. Hamilton of Japan at church_
- Winnie's father goes to Muskoka


October 28

Eva was over with a new dress
on. Went to church. Had Rev.
Helier [?] Hamilton of Japan. Sermon
St Matt. I. 21 were. Two young
gentleman sat in our seat.
Papa and mamma went for
a drive. I went to Sunday School.
We had Miss Cleghorn for teacher.
Mr Hamilton spoke to us. Ella
brought the bulbs over.
Papa & mamma were at Overholt's
Mr Overholt is sick. Papa got
some chestnuts.

October 29

Papa went away this morning
for Muskoka. Took Dewey
with him. Mamma cleaned
Phoebe room. [???] Then in
afternoon we drove to Homer
to see if Mr Wilson knew
anything about Mr Pringle
who keeps horses there.
We came home Queenston
Street but did not meet any
cars. Mrs Keating died Saturday
and was buried this

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[LOCAL]October 28-29, 1900

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