Diary Page 150



Diary Page 150


People: Tucker's, Mabel, Eva, Dexter, Pays, Dwyers, Ethel Tucker, Mr. Maloney, Mrs. Woodruff's, Allie, Eva, Tom.
Locations: Woodruff's, Homer


October 14

I was over to Tucker's last
night and asked Mabel to go
to church with me. We went
Sermon John I. 29 & 30 I think
Eva was over and stayed
until I came home. Went
to Sunday School. Lesson
Parable of Great Supper".
Papa was out with Dexter
He went to call on Locke Dudley
at night. Mamma and I
went to church. Sermon Judges
XIII. 14 verse. Pays & Dwyers came
home with us.

October 15

It is a lovely day. When I
was waiting for mamma
to hitch up I ran across
to Woodruff's and got a
basketful of walnuts.
Ethel Tucker came & helped
me get a few. We drove
down to Homer [?] to have Nell [?]
shod. I think we [xxx].
Mr Maloney. Had some grapes
We went to Mrs Woodruff's then
after some squashes. Allie
was over to see me.
Eva and Tom were over
nearly all evening

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