Diary Page 156



Diary Page 156


- Winnie's father and Mr Marquis in Falls


October 26

My room was cleaned this
morning. I had to go to Mrs
Sullivan's and she can't do
my skirt this week. Phoebe
is having a skirt made at
Miss Boyle's. We went for
a drive. Intended going
around Grange Hall way but
it looked like rain so we
came through Port. Papa went
to the Falls withh Mr
Marquis to-night.

October 27

Mrs Trusty came to iron. Took
my lesson. Took "Passepied"
and am to start "Murmuring
Zephyrs" by Jensen. Papa got
two nice baskets of apples
of an old man. Eva was
over to show us some
silver hearts she got. I went
uptown met Ella and went
with her to Stamp Store. She
lent me a "Foregone Conclusion"
by W. D. Howells. Mamma
came over as I was there to
get her belt [?] but Miss Biggan
did not come. We went over
on racecourse to see how the
railway was progressing.

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[PERSONAL]October 26-27, 1900

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