Diary Page 151



Diary Page 151


- St Catharines Gas Works fire


October 16

The gasworks burned last
night. Eva came and told us
before breakfast, then she
was over after. Turned
quite cool. Gave Eva some
fans. I took Mrs Carman
two cosmos to let her
see the size of them. They
were painting the kitchen
floor bright yellow.
Fixed a picture for my
room. Hofmann's "Christ in garden
of Gethsemane."

October 17

The man came and cleaned
the stoves. The sweet
potatoes we had last night
went for me. Mamma went
up to the church. I read
"Haran the Hermit" then I
got ready and started. Met
mamma & Mrs Haun at the
corner. We went to
McLaren's and got goods for
my green skirt. Then to
Miss Anderson's. Got some
narrow velvet ribbon for my hair
Met Mrs Pay. I got "When Knighthood
was in Flower" at Library. Went
to Keating's after my picture.
Pays have sold their house and we go
there Friday

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[LOCAL]October 16-17, 1900

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