May Tuesday 1(121-244)1900

Lizzie came in the morning
to get a vine, but mamma had
pulled it up. Last
night she had a bone taken
out of her nose. Mrs Mason, Hilda
and Mr Wilfred were over.
While she was here Mrs
Horace Comfort
& Mrs Dr.
called. Mamma
went up to Mrs Sullivan's
Mrs Pay got some samples
from England to-day, and she
called mamma to see them. Papa
& mamma were over to Dwyer's at night
Got a cortrielli needlework book.
Paderewski played in Toronto this afternoon.

  Wednesday 2(122-243) 

Papa and mamma started
about 8 o'clok for Mr S. Jones.
Trout fishing. Dwyer's gave us
a pint jar full of Jersy cream
last night. I had to get dinner.
Winnie Carman was married
on Monday in Minneapolis to
Rev. M. Simpson. Beatrice and
Lulu were over at night.
Lulu is going to-morrow night
and I have to call for her
about 7.20 Mrs C. Quackenbush
formerly of Port was killed in Niagara
Falls by a Lehigh valley train
She was on her bicycle and tried
to cross the track. Paderewski
plays in Buffalo at Central Church to-night.

May Thursday 3(123-242)1900

I went over to Jones to
inquire how Mrs Jones was
and took her 3 trout.
The men came and took
down the stoves. Mamma
went uptown bought
enough pique for me a dress.
Called for Lulu then went to
Hendersons and met Daisy
Ratcliffe. The programme opened
with a piano quartette. Mr
was Chairman and read
the same paper as he read at
Musical. Had eating afterwards.

  Friday 4(124-241) 

We started housecleaning
We expected Mrs Tish but
she disappointed us.
Mr Ross and Mr Lewis cleaned
the carpets out of mamma's
room, mine and Phoebe's.
Rode uptown to see
McLaren's "cheap" ties and they
were cheap. Got one at
Tait's a white satin bow
Papa got a new calendar
from Bank of Commerce
with map of South Africa
on it. Mrs Adam Borrowman
died last night.

May Saturday 5(125-240)1900

Took my music lesson.
Valse Arabesque by Lack
Mr Read said that he had heard
good & bad reports about me.
A pupil of "another teacher"
said there was no expression
whatever in my playing oh! my.
And another said I was one of
the best if not the best junior
in the Musical. Mr Read believes
the latter as they are far the
best judge of music I went
uptown to library Got "The Dean's
Daughter" by Gore
. Stopped in Kellogg's
to see Lizzie about making a skirt.

  Sunday 6(126-239) 

Went to church. They have
the Easter Reports printed
to-day. Sermon St. John 4. 3-3.
Papa and mamma drove
to the cemetery to pick
out a lot from the new
part that has been opened
up. Lizzie was down in afternoon.
She is going to Toronto to-morrow.
Did not go to Sunday School
Mamma & I went to church
at night. Papa did not go as he
felt sick. Sermon I Tim[?] 4.-8. Mr
& Mrs Pay come home
with us but papa had
gone to bed.

May Monday 7(127-238)1900

Started to clean dinning room
and sitting room Mr. Ross
& Mr Lewis cleaned the
carpets. Tommy Tucker
came over after 1.30 and
staid [sic] till after four. Did
not have the carpets
put down to-day. They
had a service of
praise in Knox Church
to-night. Gaul's sacred
Cantata "The Holy City"
is to
be in our church next

  Tueday 8(128-237) 

The gentlemen came and
put down the carpets
Mamma went up to
Mrs Sullivans. I fixed
my pulley belt Mamma
papa & I went to church
at night. It rained hard
both going and coming
home. I played "Au Matin"
and Miss L Phillips played
and Miss Alice "sang. Miss Jessie
and Marion McGeachie
recited. They had refreshments
Papa got an electric shock
from street car.

May Wednesday 9(129-236)1900

The little wood stove smoked
and blacked the spare bedroom
ceiling. Mrs Trusty is here.
Washed & ironed. Gave her
my black & green wool jacket.
Went over to Meyer's after
gingersnaps. In the paper
to-night it gave the
programme in the
church. Very cold.

  Thursday 10(130-235) 

Mamma cleaned the spare room.
I went over to Dwyer's in
afternoon to see Beatrice.
She is going to Galt &
Winona to-morrow. And
she was just going for a
drive when I came so I
did not stay. When I came
home Allie came over, which is
a wonder as she has not
been here since Fall.
Mamma went to Mrs.
and she was not
ready. Papa brought a new
magazine called Ainslee's Magazine
Do not care much for it.

May Friday 11(131-234)1900

Had our first asparagus
to-day. It came from Jeeves,
Mamma cleared the little
front room. I planted
my nasturtium seeds
this afternoon. So did
mamma & Phoebe plant their
seeds. Papa & Mamma
intended going to Ridley
. Assault-at-Arms in
MasonicLodge, but papa had
to go to Lodge.

  Saturday 12(132-233) 

I took my lesson Romance by
. Have triads for next
day. Lizzie came down to
try on Phoebe's skirt. She
has an awful cold,
mamma and I went to
the Opera House to the
Biograph1 (moving pictures)
and Mr. C. Leroy Kenny explained
them. I liked the pictures
taken from the trains C.[Canadian] P.[Pacific] R.[Railway]
best. The scenery was
beautiful. Shamrock Columbia
Yacht Race was good. A lot of
the views were of British soldiers
Lizzie brought the skirt home.

1. Also known as the American Mutoscope and Biography Company (1895-1916), it was founded by William Kennedy Dickson an inventor at the Thomas Edison laboratory. Dickson was among those who helped pioneer the technology for the motion picture. The company created a number of silent films. See The History of the Discovery of Cinematography or Guide to Motion Picture catologues.

May Sunday 13(133-232)1900

Went to church in morning.
Sermon Luke IV. 4 verse 3rd miracle.
Went to Sunday School. Lizzie
called for me. Mr Perry taught
us as Mrs Haun was away
Lesson Jesus at Pharisee's House
Went for a walk with
Lizzie Papa and mamma
went for a drive Got quite
a lot of flowers. Did not
go to church at night.
Read "The Dean's Daughter."

  Monday 14(134-231) 

Cleaned the parlor. I dusted
and whipped all the
chairs. Mamma went to Mrs
in afternoon. Very
warm. Papa is taking a
magazine called Collier's
Weekly. The May Musicians
came to-day. Has a Lecture
of Paderewski in it. Papa
went down to the canal
shooting before tea then
after tea he went to see
a man catch some fish.

May Tuesday 15(135-230)1900

Mrs. Tish is here cleaning.
Of all the stuff I ever
saw us in papas room.
Sorted it. The men have
torn up the boulevard
to-day and are laying a
granolithic sidewalk
very, very warm worse
than yesterday. Had
thunderstorms. In Hayne's Avenue
Presbyterian church
had a service of song "The
Battle of Life."

  Wednesday 16(136-229) 

About 3 o' clock this morning
mamma came in my room and
said "If you want to see a big
fire come & see it. And it was
the Welland Vale bicycle
& Axe factory
. Papa went down
and mamma & I waited until
about 4 o'clock then went to bed.
Finished the sidewalk to-day. I went uptown in afternoon
called for Helen and Belle McClive,
she &
I walked to Black Bridge
a Miss Cline from Brown's
staid [sic] here all
night as she is having some
work done and does not
know anyone here. Lizzie was down.

May Thursday 17(137-228)1900

Dr. Hunt from Hamilton came
yesterday to do Miss Cline's
bridgework. She went up to
the office about 10. Mabel
brought a little porcelain
clock to hang on the wall.
Phoebe and I went to McLaren's
for carnations. Got pansies.
Stopped in Mrs Pay's. Came
from there with Ella. Mamma
went to Mrs. Sullivans. Mamma &
I went to church to hear Gaul's
"Holy City."
Miss O'Connor of Buffalo
was soprano, Mattie Coy contralto, Mr Kimberley
tenor, & G. Waite bass.

  Friday 18(138-227) 

Put our dahlias out yesterday.
Mamma finished cleaning
house to-day. Both of us
went uptown. Bought
enough blue & white
striped goods for a sailor
blouse. Got a little ribbon
with a flag & "Victory" printed
on it. Pinned it on. Mafeking1
is relieved, and the bells
were ringing, whistles
blowing, and giantt firecrackers
going off. Got 9 yds. [yards] of
insertion for my white
pique dress. Papa went
uptown to celebrate. Mamma
got pulley belt rings.

1. Today known as Mahikeng, it is the capital city of the North-West province of South Africa. During the second Boer War the city was under siege between 1899 until this day in 1900.

May Saturday 19(139-226)1900

I took my lesson. Mr. Read had
gone uptown after a paper
to see about Mafeking1. 22nd
Etude. Went up to
Miss Anderson's and paid for
the insertion. Went for
a ride on the new cinder
path as far as Dwyer's farm.
Mamma & I went to Decew in
afternoon. Got ferns & flowers.
Saw two little lizards and got 9
snails. Papa went down to
see the ruins from the fire.2

  Sunday 20(140-225) 

Went to church in morning
Sermom Mark I. 23 verse. When
I was coming home Nellie
told me to come in
and wait and see the
soldiers as they marched to
First Prebyterian Church this
morning. Went over in the
Park. Went to Sunday School.
Had Mrs. Keyes. The lesson
was the "Parable of the Sower".
Came home with Winnie
. Was introduced to Miss Riddell.
Papa & Mamma
went for a drive went to church at night
sermon Mark VI 2 & 3 verse Mr. Coy
came over after church.

1.Today known as Mahikeng, it is the capital city of the North-West province of South Africa. During the second Boer War the city was under siege between 1899 until this day in 1900.
2. The Welland Vale Bicycle
& Axe Factory
burned during the early morning of May 16.

May Monday 21(141-224)1900

Went over to Carman's to see
Ella about some flags she
told me about. Mamma
and I drove to woods after
ferns. Got quite a lot of
them. Ella came over
at night to tell me
about the flags. Gave her
20 cents for 3. Firebugs
tried to burn Wilson's Lumber
Saturday night, and
last night they burnt their
barn with some buggies and
one horse.

  Tuesday 22(142-223) 

Practiced this morning as
we are going out this afternoon
Rode up to Inksater's and
down to Lee's before we
started out. Mamma & I
went to Decew Falls fishing.
Caught 2 large suckers.
Mamma got enough dock1
for greens. Got enough
fish for supper. Taylor
took the old boards from
our old sidewalk.

1. A green plant which grows in the wild with a lemony flavour. The mature foliage of dock plants may one to three feet tall. Today the plant is considered a weed.

May Wednesday 23(143-222)1900

Empire Day. Mrs Trusty is
here, I have 14 nasturtiums
up. Mamma & I drove
down to Trueman's for some
geraniums. Got 1 salmon,
1 red, 1 double white, & 1 double
pink one. Went up to the
office. Went to library, and
got "Wyndham's Daughter" by
Annie S. Swan
. Papa and I
went to Gilmore's and got
our. stars on our wheels. Went
for a little ride. Maggie Smith to
see Pheobe. Ella was over Put out a flag.

 Queen's Birthday (Dominion)
Ascension Day (Quebec)
Thursday 24(144-221) 

Queens Birthday. Papa and I
went up to grandpa's. Leta
went up in morning Frank
, Miss Kilman, Miss Green
of Buffalo & Mr Hathaway drove down
from Ridgeway. They got the
boat. Aunt Lillie has two little
black cats, and they have 21 little
pigs and a colt. Came home at
5.10. The cars were crowded
both ways. When we stopped
at Clifton coming home we saw
Mr. Read and he was talking
with us for 15 min. Leta & I sat
together from Clifton home. She had
teeth filled. Papa got some Roman
candles, firecrackers & pink light.

May Friday 25(145-220)1900

We expected Mrs. Jo. Overholt and
Frank in to-day, but they
couldn't get a horse. Mamma
was out there yesterday.
Planted eight little pots with
two nasturtiums in each.
Am going to start them for
Aunt Lillie. Mamma went
collecting, and uptown. She got
a new waist. Papa wanted to
see my teeth so I went up, but
he had left the office. Mamma &
papa were over to Pay's at night. The
Ladies Home Journal came to-day.

  Saturday 26(146-219) 

I took my music lesson. 23rd
Etude. Mrs. J. Overholt came in
about 10.30 to see me as it
was her only chance. I wanted
to go out on my bicycle
but they would not let me.
Went up to Miss Sutherland's
for a bonnet for Mrs. N. Overholt
as mamma is going to take it out.
Papa and mamma went out to
Overholt's. Ella was over and
we got 10 two cent stamps instead of
our flags we sent to Eaton's for
as the flags are all mounted.
Went over to Mr. Laren's garden and
over to Lee's with Ella. She gave me a
lovely bunch of lilies of the valley.
Mamma brought home a bag of russet apples.

May Sunday 27(147-218)1900

Papa and I started at 10.30 for
Queenston. We got there in
time for dinner Had a blue pickerel. Had it at
the monument House. Then
papa and I went down to the
railway, but the ticket agent
was not there and we went after
him. Went as far as Chippawa
then when we came back we
got off at Niagara Falls and went over
to American Side through the park.
Then when we came back we stopped
at Brock's monument and I saw the
forts1. Had a fish supper. And started home
10 min after seven and got home at nine.
Met Mr. F. Taylor & wife and Mr. Allen & his wife.

  Monday 28(148-217) 

Mamma & I drove up to
Carroll's. Took Mrs. Carroll some
lilacs. She is very
miserable Lillie has gone to
New York and Mrs. Kilner
is all alone. We drove up
to office. I took my
Chopin Mazurkas & Valses to
have them bound together.
Mamma & I were quite
wet when we got home as
it rained hard for a litte

1. Possibly Fort George and Fort Mississauga on the Canada and Fort Niagara across the river in New York State.

May Tuesday 29(149-216)1900

Mamma did some collecting
then we went for a drive
Went to Mrs. Sullivan's to
see when she wanted me
to try on my white pique
Drove down Geneva and & out
Russell Ave. Mamma had a
caller when we were
out Mrs. Robertson. Helen
was over after me but I
was not here Mr. & Mrs.
were over at night.

  Wednesday 30(150-215) 

Was over to McLaren's garden
this morning after asparagus
& radishes. Mamma had
to go to the monthly meeting
of Ladies Aid. They got over
$29.00 this month. Grace Kennedy
brought their fifty cents over
this morning. Rode up to
library got "The Castle Inn" by
Stanley J. Weyman
. Mamma
got some brown goods for a
morning skirt. Frank
was here for tea. Is
to be here for a few days.
Ella brought us some tuberoses
& a spotted calla lily.

May Thursday 31(151-214)1900

At breakfast we heard whistles
blowing. Pretoria taken1. Had to
go over to Lee's and Helen came
in and wanted me to go uptown
and see what going on. Came
home then went for Helen. Rode
up to Bazaar and bought 3
flags. 30¢. Helen & I called for Eloise
. Was not home saw her in the
park. Rode down to Blk. [Black] Bridge & back
to Goodman's Had a great time in
the Park in afternoon. Mamma & I
went up, but missed it. Stopped in Mrs Mason's,
Frank & papa shot 56 frogs.

June Friday 1(152-213) 

Last night about 10 o' clock we had
an old drunken tramp after
something to eat. Frank went
home this morning. They had
a report that Kruger was
captured, but not time Mr.
Rollinson is dead. The Bicycle
Works are going to Brantford.
Mr Mason went Wednesday
night. Got a letter from Miss
Duval wanting me to take her
hour to-morrow morning and
she will take mine. We have
had a fine rain since this
morning. Papa brought the
"Wide World" magazine for June to-day
was over in Lee's in morning.

1. Capital of the Republic of South Africa, during the Second Boer War, the city was surrendered to the British on June 5, 1900.

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