Diary Page 67



Diary Page 67


- Paderewski plays in Toronto and Buffalo_
- Winnie Carman marries Rev. M. Simpson in Minnepolis_
- Mrs C. Quackenbush killed by train in Niagara Falls


Lizzie came in the morning
to get a vine, but mamma
had pulled it up. Last
night she had a bone taken
out of her nose. Mrs Mason, Hilda
and Mr Wilfred were over.
While she was here Mrs
Horace Comfort & Mrs Dr.
Sheahan called. Mamma
went up to Mrs Sullivan's
Mrs Pay got some samples
from England to-day, and she
called mamma to see them. Papa
& mamma were over to Dwyer's at night
Got a cortuelli[?] needlework book
Paderewski played in Toronto this afternoon.

May 2
Papa and mamma started
about 8 o'clok for Mr S. Jones.
Trout fishing. Dwyer's gave us
a pint jar full of Jersy cream
last night. I had to get dinner.
Winnie Carman was married
on Monday in Minneapolis to
Rev. M. Simpson. Beatrice and
Lulu were over at night.
Lulu is going to-morrow night
and I have to call for her
about 7.20 Mrs C. Quackenbush
formerly of Port was killed in Niagara
Falls by a Lehigh valley train
She was on her bicycle and tried
to cross the track. Paderewski
plays in Buffalo at Central Church to-night.

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[LOCAL]May 1-2, 1900

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