Diary Page 68



Diary Page 68


- Death of Mrs Adam Borrowman


I went over to Jones to
inquire how Mrs Jones was
and took her 3 trout.
The men came and took
down the stoves. Mamma
went uptown bought
enough pique for me a dress.
Called for Lulu then went to
Hendersons and met Daisy
Ratcliffe. The programme opened
with a piano quartette. Mr
Read was Chairman and read
the same paper as he read at
Musical. Had eating afterwards.

May 4
We started housecleaning
We expected Mrs Tish but
she disappointed us.
Mr Ross and Mr Lewis cleaned
the carpets out of mamma's
room, mine and Phoebes.
Rode uptown to see
McLaren's "cheap{underlin} ties and they
were cheap. Got one at
Tait's a white satin bow
Papa got a new calendar
from Bank of Commerce
with map of South Africa
on it. Mrs Adam Borrowman
died last night.

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[LOCAL]May 3-4, 1900

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