Diary Page 78



Diary Page 78


- Empire Day_
- Queen's Birthday


May 23
Empire Day. Mrs Trusty is
here, I have 14 nasturtiums
up. Mamma & I drove
down to Trueman's for some
geraniums. Got 1 salmon
1 red, 1 double white, & 1 double
pink one. Went up to the
oficce. Went to library, and
got "Wyndham's Daughter" by
Annie S. Swan. Papa and I
went to Gilmore's and got
our. stars on our wheels. Went
for a little ride. Maggie Smith to
see Pheobe. Ella was over Put out a flag.

May 24
Queens Birthday. Papa and I
went up to grandpa's. Leta
went up in morning Frank
Beam, Miss Kilman, Miss Green
of Buffalo & Mr Hathaway drove down
from Ridgeway. They got the
boat. Aunt Lillie has two little
black cats, and they have 21 little
pigs and a colt. Came home at
5.10. The cars were crowded
both ways. When we stopped
at Clifton coming home we saw
Mr. Read and he was talking
with us for 15 min. Lela & I sat
together from Clifton home. She had
teeth filled. Papa got some Roman
Candles, firecrackers & pink light.

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[GLOBAL]May 23-24, 1900

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