Diary Page 77



Diary Page 77


- Winnie and mother go fishing at Decew Falls_
- Fire at Wilsons Lumber Yard


May 21
Went over to Carman's to see
Ella about some flags she
told me about. Mamma
and I drove to woods after
ferns. Got quite a lot of
them. Ella came over
at night to tell me
about the flags. Gave her
20 cents for 3. Firebugs
tried to burn Wilson's Lumber
yard Saturday night, and
last night they burnt their
barm with some buggies and
one horse.

May 22
Practiced this morning as
we are going out this afternoon
Rode up to Inksater's and
down to Lee's before we
started out. Mamma & I
went to Decew Falls fishing.
Caught 2 large suckers.
Mamma got enough dock[?]
for greens. Got enough
fish for supper. Taylor
took the old boards from
our old sidewalk.

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[PERSONAL]May 21-22, 1900

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