Diary Page 74



Diary Page 74


- Boulevard torn up to lay granolithic sidewalk_
- Fire at Welland Vale Works


May 15
Mrs. Tish is here cleaning
of all the stuff I ever
saw us in papas room.
Sorted it. The men have
torn up the boulevard
to-day and are laying
a granolithic sidewalk
very, very warm worse
than yeserday. Had
thunderstorms. In Hayne's Avenue
Presbyterian church they
had a servive of song "The
Battle of Life."

May 16
About 3 o' clock this morning
mamma came in my room and
said "If you want to see a big
fire come & see it. And it was
the Welland Vale bicycle
& Axe factory. Papa went down
and mamma & I waited until
about 4 o'clock then went to bed.
Finished the sidewalk to-day.
I went uptown in afternoon
called for Helen and Belle McClive,
she & I walked to Black Bridge
a Miss Cline from Brown's
Nurseries staid [sic] here all
night as she is having some
work done and does not
knoiw anyone here. Lizzie was down.

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[LOCAL]May 15-16, 1900

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