Diary Page 76



Diary Page 76


May 19
I took my lesson. Mr. Read had
gone uptown after a paper
to see about Mafeking 22{nd}
Etude. Went up to Miss
Anderson's and paid for
the insertion. Went for
a ride on the new cinder[?]
path as far as Dwyer's farm.
Mamma & I went to Decew in
afternoon. Got ferns & flowers.
Saw two little lizards and got 9
snails. Papa went down to
see the ruins from the fire.

Sunday 20
Went to church in morning
Sermom Mark I. 23 verse. When
I was coming home Nellie
Loyd told me to come in
and wait and see the
soldiers as they marched to
First Prebyterian Church this
morning. Went over in the
Park. went to Sunday School
Had Mrs. Keyes. The lesson
was the "Parable of the Sower"
Came home with Winnie
Rolls. Was introduced to Miss Riddell
Papa & Mamma went for a drive
went to church at night
sermon Mark VI 2 & 3 verse Mr. Coy
came over after church.

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