Diary Page 72



Diary Page 72


- Winnie sees moving picture show at Biograph


May 11
Had our first asparagus
to-day. It came from Jeeves,
Mamma cleared the little
front room. I planted
my nasturtium seeds
this afternoon. So did
mamma & Phoebe plant their
seeds. Papa & Mamma
intended going to Ridley
College. Assault-at-Arms in
Masonic Hall, but papa had
to go to Lodge.

May 12
I took my lesson Romance by
Gr{u}nfeld. Have triads for next
day. Lizzie came down to
try on Phoebe's skirt. She
has an awful cold,
mamma and I went to
the Opera House to the
Biograph (moving pictures)
and Mr. C. Leroy Kenny explained
them. I liked the pictures
taken from the trains C. P. R.
best. The scenery was
beautiful. Shamrock Columbia
Yacht Race was good. A lot of
the views were of British soldiers
Lizzie brought the skirt home.

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[PERSONAL]May 11-12, 1900

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