Diary Page 69



Diary Page 69


Took my music lesson.
Valse Arabesque by Lack
Mr Read said that he had heard
good & bad reports about me.
A pupil of "another teacher"
said there was no expression
whatever in my playing oh! my.
And another said I was one of
the best if not the best junior
in the Musical. Mr Read believes
the latter as they are far the
best judge of music I went
uptown. to library Got "The Dean's
Daughter" by Gore. Stopped in Kellogg's
to see Lizze about making a skirt.

May 6
Went to chuch. They have
the Easter Reports printed
to-day. Sermon St. John 4. 3-3.
Papa and mamma drove
to the cemetery to pick
out a lot from the new
part that has been opened
up. Lizzie was down in afternoon.
She is going to Toronto to-morrow.
Did not go to Sunday School
Mamma & I went to church
at night. Papa did not go as he
felt sick. Sermon I Tim[?] 4.-8. Mr
& Mrs Pay come home
with us but papa had
gone to bed.

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